Chipper Jones is a Stone Cold Killer


We recommend clicking that link because it tells the tale of how a dead body was found on Chipper Jones' Double Dime ranch in Texas.  Now, admittedly, this is a side of our hero with which we've not been able to reconcile ourselves; we come from Indiana, and get just about enough of the country music/NASCAR/hunting/camo gear scene, thank you very much.  So we've always sort of ignored the existence of this ranch.  But no longer - not ever since it has become a warning to those who would undermine the Braves' hopes and dreams.  

Now, we suppose it's worth mentioning that the dead body was that of an illegal Mexican immigrant, and as such, he probably wished the Braves no harm.  BUT STILL!  Watch your backs, uh...whoever you youngsters are who play for the Rockies, Giants, and Marlins.   You'd best groove pitches for Chipper...or else.  Everyone knew Chipper was important to the Braves' playoff hopes...but we don't think everyone realized that this incident is a great example of why.

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