2010 Predictions Post

Because we just haven't gotten our fill of making incredibly inaccurate predictions, we've decided it's time to compile all those season previews and write out a proper predictions post. Or maybe we just wanted the chance to write that little bit of alliteration. SPRING BREAK!

Ahem. Onward and upward. Teams will be listed in their predicted order of divisional finish, and we'll throw out our projected record and beer choice for each. Think of it as a handy reference guide to all those other posts. Joke's on you if you read them all, we guess.

NL East:

1. Phillies: 91-71, Samuel Smith's Imperial Stout
2. Braves: 88-74, Yuengling
3. Marlins: 79-83, Abita Christmas Ale
4. Mets: 76-86, Dos Equis
5. Nationals: 69-93, Schlitz

NL Central:

1. Cardinals: 89-73, Stone Face Ale
2. Cubs: 84-78, Lumpy Dog Light Lager
3. Reds: 82-80, Abita Amber
4. Brewers: 77-85, Miller High Life
5. Astros: 71-91, Lone Star
6. Pirates: 69-93, Steel Reserve 211

NL West: 

1. Rockies: 93-69, Coors
2. Dodgers: 87-75, Anchor Summer Beer
3. Diamondbacks: 82-80, PBR (we already regret this pick as Brandon Webb is struggling to get healthy)
4. Giants: 82-80, Cuddly Panda Porter
5. Padres: 65-97, Blue Moon

NL Divisional Round: Rockies over Braves, Phillies over Cardinals
NL Championship: Rockies over Phillies

AL East:

1. Yankees: 95-67, Westvleteren 12
2. Rays: 94-68, Natural Ice
3. Red Sox: 93-69, Samuel Adams Boston Lager
4. Blue Jays: 78-84, Alexander Keith's IPA
5. Orioles: 70-92, Oak Aged Dark Lord Imperial Stout

AL Central: 

1. Twins: 87-75, Molson Canadian Lager
2. Tigers: 83-79, Heineken
2. White Sox: 83-79, Goose Island Honker's Ale
4. Indians: 68-94, Great Lakes Brewing Co's Blackout Stout
5. Royals: 62-100, Negra Modelo

AL West:

1. Mariners: 86-76, Fat Tire
2. Rangers: 85-77, Shiner Bock
2. Angels: 85-77, Stone's Arrogant Bastard Ale
4. A's: 77-85, Sam Adams Light

AL Divisional Round: Yankees over Mariners, Rays over Twins
AL Championship Series: Rays over Yankees

World Series: Rockies over Rays

As we were writing the Rockies preview, we got progressively more excited about their chances. They can pitch (a legit ace in Ubaldo Jimenez, the return of groundballer Aaron Cook, the possible return of former ace Jeff Francis, an improving Jorge de la Rosa, and a very strong bullpen even without Huston Street) and hit (there's a good chance that they can best league average at all 8 spots on the diamond, with a few possible star turns from guys like Troy Tulowitzki and the young outfielders) with anyone. We don't like the Yankees' lack of depth, but admit that they're still the clear favorite to take it all this year, and, again, have a like fetish for the Rays. So now you know exactly why we'll be wrong, instead of the less definitive 'oh, you were wrong.' Oh, and for fun, let's take a crack at the seasonal awards, so we can dig an even deeper prognosticative hole:

AL MVP: Evan Longoria (runners up: M. Teixeira, A. Rodriguez, K. Youkilis)
AL Cy Young: Felix Hernandez (runners up: Z. Greinke, J. Lester, B. Anderson)
AL RoY: Brian Matusz (runners up: S. Sizemore, W. Davis)
AL Manager: Don Wakamatsu (runners up: J. Maddon, R. Gardenhire)

NL MVP: Albert Pujols (runners up: T. Tulowitzki, J. Werth, J. Upton)
NL Cy Young: T. Lincecum (runners up: D. Haren, R. Halladay, J. Johnson)
NL RoY: Jason Heyward (runners up: B. Posey, S. Strasburg)
NL Manager: Bobby Cox (runners up: T. LaRussa, C. Manuel)

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