The Condensed Version of "Doug Davis' Slider Rules All (Except Denard Span)"

Our last post was super long, so if you want to see the best pitches and best hitters of those pitches without our droning commentary, this is where to check.  See the previous post for much more detail.

Best Fastball: Dan Haren
Best Fastball hitter:
Victor Martinez

Worst Fastball: Armando Galarraga
Worst Fastball Hitter:
Bengie Molina

Best Slider: Doug Davis
Best Slider Hitter: Denard Span

Worst Slider: Matt Cain
Worst Slider Hitter:
Mike Fontenot

Best Cutter: Kevin Slowey
Best Cutter Hitter: Mark Reynolds

Worst Cutter: Zach Duke
Worst Cutter Hitter:
Ivan Rodriguez

Best Curveball: Brad Bergesen
Best Curveball Hitter:
Robinson Cano

Worst Curveball: Chris Young
Worst Curveball Hitter:
Jose Guillen

Best Changeup: Braden Looper
Best Changeup Hitter: Ryan Braun

Worst Changeup: Ryan Dempster
Worst Changeup Hitter: J.J. Hardy

Best Splitter: Trevor Cahill
Best Splitter Hitter:
Yunel Escobar

Worst Splitter: Jeremy Guthrie
Worst Splitter Hitter:
Kevin Kouzmanoff

Best Knuckleball: Tim Wakefield
Best Knuckleball Hitter: Jose Guillen

Worst Knuckleball: Tim Wakefield
Worst Knuckleball Hitter:
Jason Bay

Put it this way: if this were a science fair project, our (simplified) hypothesis would've been: Albert Pujols Is The Best At Hitting Each Pitch And Tim Lincecum's Pitches Are All The Best.  And we'd have been wildly wrong.  And probably lost, since this is a post about baseball, not science.  But that's why we use stats like these: because who would ever predict that Brad Bergesen would be the most adept at making Jose Guillen look silly with a curveball?

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