Mark DeRosa Traded to Cardinals

The Indians made further steps to improve their bullpen late last night by trading jack-of-all-trades Mark DeRosa to the Cardinals for RHP Chris Perez and a player to be named later.  Perez is a closer prospect, and if the PTBNL is Jess Todd, they'll have acquired two above-average arms for the pen.

Unfortunately, while the bullpen is obviously Cleveland's weakness, you don't trade a guy with  a bat as good as DeRosa's (he was on pace for 28 HR this year) for two bullpen arms.  When you factor in DeRosa's above-average multipositional defense and the Cardinals' desperate need for a bat, you have to wonder what, exactly, Mark Shapiro was doing.

Not only is this return not enough for a player of DeRosa's caliber, but why would you trade him now?  Why not wait til a time closer to the deadline, when you certainly could've gotten more than a couple relief arms?  And especially coming from the Cardinals, who clearly lost their faith in Perez early this year - you know that they key part of the deal is a person that the team trading him doesn't even think that highly of!  

Far be it from us to suggest that Shapiro doesn't know what he's doing; the guy did pull in Brandon Phillips, Grady Sizemore, and Cliff Lee for a song.  But he erred this time.  

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