On David Ortiz

We know that David Ortiz has been hot.  Hit 3 HR in the last 5 games.  That's great.  But the guy still hasn't hit one out to right.  There's a good reason for that: he can't get his bat around fast enough.  For proof, look at the fact that teams don't even play him with the shift anymore; the shortstop stays at short, instead of playing at second base.  And for further proof, look at the fact that that type of player simply does not hold up very long.  Ortiz seems young because he's only been with the Sox for a few years, but he's into his 30s.  And that's about the limit for guys of his body type/skill set.  If pitchers would stop fearing his reputation and just bust him inside with big-league heat, he'll go right back to hovering around the Mendoza line.  

We know, we know: ...says the blogger.  But come on, folks: stop thinking that David Ortiz is still godlike.  3 HR in 5 games is just not that big of a deal.  Plenty of hitters have done it; it does not mean that Ortiz is not washed up.  We're standing by our OFFICIAL KCSD stance that he's washed up.

....boy, we hope we're right.

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