Game of the Day: 4/5/09

It's a bit early, but we're going to be unavailable to write this weekend, so we're doing it now. Basically, every day we're going to try to write a little preview about the game we think is going to be most interesting to watch. And, since Opening Day is Sunday, that sort of wins by default. Plus, it's got the Braves!

4/5/09: Atlanta Braves vs. WFC

Well here comes Opening Day!  Or Opening Night, but we're not arguing semantics.  We're happy that it's gonna be on Sunday Night Baseball because, despite the presence of Joe Morgan, we enjoy ESPN production values.  Anyway, this should be a great game.  We think it's gonna be sinkerballin' Derek Lowe against wife-punchin' Brett Myers.  And yes we do plan to mention the wife punching bit every time we mention Myers.  

Projected lineups:

Atlanta Braves (0-0)                                              Philadelphia Phillies (0-0)

2B Kelly Johnson                                                          SS Jimmy Rollins

SS Yunel Escobar                                                         CF Shane Victorino

3B Chipper Jones                                                         2B Chase Utley

C Brian McCann                                                           1B Ryan Howard

LF Garret Anderson                                                    LF Raul Ibanez

1B Casey Kotchman                                                     RF Jayson Werth 

RF Jeff Francoeur                                                        3B Pedro Feliz

CF Jordan Schafer                                                        C Carlos Ruiz

P Derek Lowe                                                                P Brett Myers

It looks like a very even matchup to us.  We're gonna pick the WFC because it's their ring night, and as much as we love the Braves, we don't see them spoiling that for the Fightins.  We do trust Derek Lowe more than wife-punchin' Brett Myers, but the Phils' lineup is potent and they'll have a brand new banner to aim at.  

Player to Watch: wife-punchin' Brett Myers, whose performance this season will be crucial if Cole Hamels has to miss any significant time with his elbow issues.  He's been very good in the past, and there's no reason to think he won't repeat it this season, but the pressure's on.  Let's see how he brings it in Game 1.

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