Game of the Day: 4/8/09

Full slate today, as all 30 teams are in action.  Unfortunately, there's not much in the way of compelling matchups today; we would recommend seeing Kazmir and Lester go at it in Boston, but we picked those teams yesterday.  This isn't series of the day, folks.  There are a couple of interesting individual storylines, such as whether or not Franklin Morales can follow in Ubaldo Jimenez's seemingly rejuvenated footsteps, whether Fausto Carmona can revert to Cy Young form, how Chien-Ming Wang will do in his return from injury, or how Koji Uehara and Javy Vazquez will fare with their new teams.  But today we're recommending...

Milwaukee Brewers (0-1) vs. San Francisco Giants (1-0)

It's Yovani Gallardo (0-0, 0.00) going against Randy Johnson (0-0, 0.00).  It's young against old; it's new staff ace against former staff ace; it's...a guy named Yovani against a guy named Randy.  Gallardo's got the stuff to be an ace, and if it weren't for a freak ACL tear that cost him most of last season, we like to think he'd have proven it then.  Randy Johnson's got nothing left to prove; the 45-year old has pitched effectively later in his career than most have even dreamed of doing.  Having led the league in strikeouts 9 times, and with a career average of almost 11 per 9, he's got a total of 4,789; with two more seasons, he should easily hit 5,000.  We love strikeouts from our pitchers, and few have ever been better at it than Johnson.  

Our prediction is that Gallardo makes a big impression in his first start of the year, and evens this series at 1-1.  Not through any fault of Johnson's, though; we think he'll pitch well, but that the San Fran 'pen will blow it. 

KCSD GOTD Record: 2-1.  We shook off those Opening Day jitters and rebounded well! 

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