New Game of the Day: 4/6/09

Shame that the best game of the day gets spoiled for weather.  We suppose we might as well pick a new game to spotlight for our devoted KCSD reader(s?).  KCSD: a blog that cares about you!

Anyway, which to choose?  Normally, we'd be all about pitching matchups like King Felix and Francisco Liriano dueling in Minnesota (which we somehow forgot to mention in our last GOTD post; we wholeheartedly apologize for the egregious oversight), but those teams don't figure to be any fun to watch.  Same problem with Cubs-'Stros, Tigers-Jays, and Rockies-D'backs.  Since the cream of the crop is off the board, we're going to say that you should tune into the Mets-Reds tilt on ESPN at 1:10 EST.  Johan vs. Harang, y'all.  Should be a good one.

Johan Santana (0-0, 0.00) vs. Aaron Harang (0-0, 0.00)

New York Mets                                               Cincinnati Reds

SS Jose Reyes                                                    CF Willy Taveras

LF Daniel Murphy                                            2B Brandon Phillips

3David Wright                                               RF Jay Bruce

CF Carlos Beltran                                                        1B Joey Votto

1B Carlos Delgado                                             LF Chris Dickerson

RF Ryan Church                                               3B Edwin Encarnacion

2B Luis Castillo                                                 SS Alex Gonzalez

Brian Schneider                                             C Ramon Hernandez

Johan Santana                                                          P Aaron Harang

We're picking the Mets in this one, because...well, because it's Johan.  The guy's still one of the upper echelon pitchers in the NL, even if he's lost a step in his 30's.  We do expect this to be closer than some might expect, though; the Reds' lineup can mash with the best of them, even if they do have Willy Taveras up top.  And our goodness, the bottom of the Mets' lineup is awful.  Their 1-5 can win games by themselves (except for Delgado; we're not sold on his resurrection last year), but when you're trotting out blurry vision-havin', head-poundin', sensitive-to-light Ryan Church, the offensive suck that are Luis Castillo (to be fair, it's hard to hit with that contract hanging around him), Brian Schneider, and a pitcher...you could be in trouble if some of the top bats go cold.  The Reds look much more balanced, and we do like them to surprise during the season.  Just...not today.

KCSD GOTD Record: 0-1. 0-2 if you count us picking a game that isn't even going to be played today as the GOTD. 

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